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Fradi Spring Summer 2017

How to mix colors and patterns
Spring Summer 2017, it’s time to play with colors and patterns. If in winter months sober and solid colors or geometric patterns take over, it is with the arrival of warm weather that menswear rules are less series giving the opportunity to create original and informal outfits, without sacrificing style, elegance and refined details.

Colors and patterns dominate the male wardrobe, such as the spring summer 2017 Fradi collection, completely inspired by the charm of Apulia, its landscapes, colors, emotions and charm.


Pairing the right color combination can make or break your outfit. Sometimes, taste and common sense are the basis for the perfect outfit, but not everyone knows the basic rules to match colors. A general rule, is to avoid to wear items of clothing of the same colors but with different shades. Better, instead, match, for example, a strong color with a neutral color or any two colors opposite to each other. In the case of indecision, then, remember that jeans go practically with everything. White generally do match with almost everything, while you shouldn’t match brown with black or blue with black. You can also match blue practically with everything. It goes well with white, beige, light gray and even with pastel colors. A perfect combination, for example, is the blue jacket with white pants. Gray is always a good choice for your outfit. Brown, instead, prefers warm colors and pastels.

What about patterns? Try not to choose several different patterns. If you decide to wear them, try to match patterns with solid colors.