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TRAVEL in Florence WITH


Sometimes the inspiration is much closer than we think, not always far away landscapes evoke the richness of our thoughts, our dreams, our expectations. Just look around and grasp the beauty of the history, of our history, the one linked to the cities that more than any other inspired the imagination and the creativity of the greats. Florence is one of these. Its beauty, the art that has always wrapped it up, that river that marks it softly in a ow of calm water, cuddled by majestic bridges and art paths that wrap everything. Florence is a symbol of elegance, a market of ancient precious fabrics that hand down ancient splendours of festive courts, rich palaces and fantastic paintings. The look turns to the sky in the narrow streets, in roundabout paths that suddenly open in wonderful squares rich in everything that every eye wants to see. This is the frame of a man who loves to be surrounded by these sensations, wrapped in gorgeous items which, in a sort of chromatic alchemy, amalgamate silently to the beauty of the places. In Florence, in this wonderful city, every step, every visual and artistic experience give life, by wearing our items, to a kind of exalting sensorial union.
Wrapped by the beauty to be part of beauty, a teaching that comes from afar, from the Renaissance, that school that inspires us and makes our items a perfect balance of style.